Special Notice:

Our certification process has been suspended until college administration assesses recent changes within the college that impact the DEEP™ program. Clients who were previously trained may continue to facilitate workshops after their certification expires if they are providing the training under a current DEEP™ license.

The Midwest Latino Health Research, Training, and Policy Center has suspended issuing DEEP certification (and re-certification) and collecting fees (payments). This is not impeding current facilitation of DEEP™ workshops by trained and trained and certified staff if their DEEP license is in good standing.

DEEP™ Certification

Every patient, community health worker or health professional who wants to use DEEP™ must be certified. Only certified trainers may teach DEEP™. Individuals who wish to become certified must themselves be trained by a certified DEEP Senior Trainer or Lead Trainer. Peer Educators must be certified to teach DEEP™ to clients/patients.

More certification facts:

  1. Is issued by Midwest Latino Health Research, Training and Policy Center to individuals.
  2. Participants must attend a DEEP™ Workshop led by a certified DEEP™ Trainer.
  3. DEEP™ trainers must be recommended for certification by a DEEP™ Senior or Lead Trainer.
  4. May only be used by individuals who work for or are associated with an organization holding a DEEP™ license or sublicense.
  5. Initial Certification is good for 3 years.
  6. Is portable- moves with the individual.

Certification process:

  • Workshops participants who meet training requirements receive a signed Recommendation for Certification from the workshop facilitator.
  • Employer or associated organization completes a Certification Agreement with the University of Illinois at Chicago.  The Certification Agreement must be returned to UIC accompanied by copies of the Recommendations for Certification and the certification fees.  Certification fees are:
    • SENIOR TRAINER: $1,200 for 3 years
    • LEAD TRAINER:  $900 for 3 years
    • PEER EDUCATOR: $75 for 3 years