HEAL Curriculum Outline

Curriculum Outlines (10 three-hour workshops)

Healthy Eating Modules

  • Family Food Traditions
  • Healthy Eating – Basic Nutrition 1
  • Shopping for Me and My Family
  • Healthy Eating – Basic Nutrition 2
  • Preventing Diabetes and Heart Disease
  • Reducing Stress

Physical Activity Modules

  • Fitness 101 – Basic Physical Activity
  • Physical Activity Through the Life Cycle

Core Competency Modules

  • Ways of Teaching and Learning ; Computer Research Workshop
  • Advocacy to Improve Community Opportunities for Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

CEED@Chicago Health Eating and Physical Activity Curriculum (30 hours)

What is unique? This Training-for-Trainers curriculum will:

  • Provide a facilitator manual for CHWs to use with clients or CHW Trainers to use with CHWs
  • Highlight community health workers’ ideas and experience, using focus group anecdotes, intervention stories, and photos of CHWs at work
  • Enhance CHW competencies in teaching, assessing learning and community advocacy
  • Enhance CHW competencies in mentoring and training CHWs
  • Engage experienced CHWs through participatory learning and popular education methods
  • Incorporate CHW co-teaching of curriculum activities into class sessions
  • Assist CHWs in adapting activities and materials to use in their work situation
  • Support CHWs in changing personal behavior to create healthier eating and physical activity
    habits to enhance CHWs as effective role models
  • Support CHWs helping clients change their social environment to create more opportunities forhealthy eating and physical activity