There are three levels of DEEPTM  trainers:  Senior Trainers, Lead Trainers and Peer Educators.

Senior Trainers train Lead Trainers, Peer Educators and patients or clients.

Lead Trainers train Peer Educators and patients or clients.

Eligibility to attend the Senior and/or Lead Training requires professional experience and/or an academic background in allied health professions.  Senior Trainers must have extensive experience using DEEP™Senior Trainers and Lead Trainers include nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, doctors, social workers, and community health workers or other professionals with experience in diabetes education.

Peer Educators train patients or clients. Peer Educators can be diabetes patients or community members who want to help other residents understand how to manage their diabetes and avoid complications.

Every patient, community health worker or health professional who wants to teach DEEP™ must be certified. Individuals who wish to become certified must be trained by a certified DEEPTM Senior Trainer or Lead Trainer. Please click here for more information about the different types of DEEPTM trainer levels.