Continuing Technical Support / Transitioning Organizations

Licensed organizations will have access to revised DEEP™ materials, including revisions as they become available. We will make regular/routine updates to the curriculum on at least an annual basis as needed.

There are multiple documents related to DEEP™ and others that may be developed and/or discontinued over time. These will be revised and updated on different schedules. Authorized DEEP™ users will be notified of any updates in a timely manner.

Technical support is available to all licensed organizations and certified DEEP™ Senior and Lead trainers by contacting the Midwest Latino Health Research, Training and Policy Center by email at

Transitioning organizations and support for expiring organizations

At this point in the transition out of previously organization’s license, the organization currently you work for may apply for a license directly with UIC; or, you may apply for a license with UIC as an independent contractor. (Please refer to the ‘DEEP™ License’ tab on this website)

You may also email us for more information, at