DEEP™ License

DEEP™ is the property of the University of Illinois Chicago. Every organization that wishes to provide DEEP™ training and/or programming to its clients/patients must be licensed by UIC.

Please contact Jon Gortat, UIC Office of Technology Management (OTM), at for more information and to begin the licensing process. Licensing can take approx. 2 weeks to complete.

A Single Site DEEP™ License:

  • Costs $600
  • Is good for 5 years
  • Is a non-exclusive license to use the University-owned rights to DEEP™ intellectual property
  • Grants access to the DEEP™ training material to all employees of the licensed organization trained in DEEP methodology; individuals outside the organization must obtain a separate DEEP™ license in order to have access to DEEP™ materials
  • Is negotiated on an organization-by-organization basis